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Both types are usually snobby. But you can never judge a book by the cover. Shes half Mexican 2. Shes from Jalisco, therefore the blondness is natural 3. Fluent in spanish 3. Shes a student at a top school in LA. All of the people I have seen from Jalisco are very dark haired. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Oct 10, 1. I don't know if this is "tea" or if it well known but i was speaking to someone close to victors camp and he sorta let it slip that he is dating singer JoJo Oct 10, 2.

Never would have thought. Oct 10, 3.

Is Kobe Bryant's Wife Dating Victor Ortiz?

Oct 10, 4. Can we get some pics.

Oct 10, 5. Wasn't Victor dating that one porn star Jenna Jameson? I also thought I heard that he would beat on her regularly. Am I thinking of the same guy? Ortiz turned professional later in while still only seventeen years of age. When he reached the age of eighteen in and became a legal adult, he gained custody of his younger brother, who is now a college student.

Ortiz continues to reside in Ventura, California. Victor Ortiz boxed at The Garden City Boxing club, where he was trained by five trainers who all worked together to get him ahead in his boxing career. After turning professional, Ortiz easily won his first seven fights against weak opposition. However, on June 3, , Ortiz was controversially disqualified in the first round of a bout against unknown Corey Alarcon in Oxnard. After having already knocked Alarcon down once in the round, Ortiz knocked him down again shortly after referee David Denkin ordered the fighters to separate from a clinch.

Alarcon stayed down for the count and was awarded the fight based on Denkin's judgment that Ortiz's knockout punch had been an illegal punch during a break. Following the fight with Alarcon, Ortiz continued to win and had built a record of 18—1—1 as of August 30, , when he fought his first well-known opponent, Emmanuel Clottey of Ghana , in only his second bout scheduled for ten rounds. Ortiz defeated Clottey by technical knockout in the tenth and final round.

On September 13, , Ortiz fought his first bout scheduled for twelve rounds, against Roberto David Arrieta of Argentina. Ortiz knocked Arrieta down in the second, fourth and fifth rounds and won by technical knockout in the fifth round.

Ortiz entered the fight with an eight-fight knockout streak. The only previous blemish on his record at that point was a close split decision loss to WBA Champion Andriy Kotelnik.

‘Life in Pieces’ Casts Boxer Victor Ortiz & Model Jasmine Tookes in Guest Roles

Ortiz knocked Maidana to the canvas twice in the second round. Ortiz suffered a cut in the 5th round and was knocked down in the 6th round. The fight was stopped when the ringside physician would not let Ortiz continue to fight. Ortiz expressed how the Garcias constantly humiliated him through derogatory speech but would then hire Garcia's brother Danny.

Ortiz, 23, was quicker, more active and landed heavier shots throughout the fight. Campbell, 38, did not seem to have much steam on his punches on the few occasions that he landed anything solid. He also appeared troubled all fight by Ortiz's southpaw style and straight left hand as he followed Ortiz around.

Ortiz scored a knockdown on a short right hand, although it also looked like he shoved Campbell. Sergio Mora undercard at Staples Center. Victor landed of power punches. He dropped Harris with both hands and landed some nasty power punches. That short right really showed off the unique power possessed by Ortiz.

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Ortiz knocked Harris down three times in the second round en route to a knock out win with: On the undercard of Amir Khan vs. Peterson went down for the first time from a right hand that finished a four-punch combination. Peterson got up quickly and did not appear hurt.

But he was moments later from another punch and he grabbed on to Ortiz as they tumbled to the mat. But when the fight resumed, Ortiz was on Peterson again and knocked him hard into the ropes, which held him up and caused referee Vic Drakulich to call the second knockdown of the round with about 30 seconds to go. One judge scored the bout a win for Peterson and the other two remaining judges scoring the bout a draw; the fight will go down on record as a draw. This was despite those who were in attendance saying that Ortiz clearly won the fight. Hailed as the early pick for the fight of the year, Ortiz won the fight by unanimous decision over Berto.

They both came out aggressively, then just over a minute into the round, Ortiz landed a shot behind Berto's head and Berto went down. Berto and Ortiz exchanged knockdowns in their fights with both of them going down twice. Both fighters were hurt in that fight. However, Berto took a lot of punishment while against the ropes and looked to be exhausted after the 6th. Ortiz had his way from the 7th on and only had to worry about an occasional big punch from Berto.

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Ortiz would face Berto, whose first thrilling slugfest in April was one of the best fights of the year, once again. The fight was postponed to June 30, , due to Berto rupturing his biceps in training and being unable to meet the original date. On May 20, , Berto failed an anti-doping test, testing positive for nandrolone. Although Berto denied having ever taken the substance intentionally, the rematch was cancelled and Light Welterweight Josesito Lopez was chosen to take his place.

They did have a rematch eventually, in On June 7, , Floyd Mayweather Jr. From round one, Mayweather tagged Ortiz repeatedly. Mayweather seemed in control through the first three rounds, judges' scores 30—27, 30—27, and 29—28 for Mayweather, in the fourth round, Ortiz found success, landing a few shots and stinging Mayweather before bulling him into the corner. Out of frustration, Ortiz rammed Mayweather in the face with an intentional headbutt.

Referee , Joe Cortez , called timeout and docked Ortiz a point for the foul.

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As the fight resumed, Ortiz approached Mayweather in the center of the ring and tried to apologize and even hugged Mayweather.