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They have passionate souls, and have sometimes drastic reactions to things in life. Here are a few bits of information about the ESTP female personality. ESTPs are naturally driven people, who strive to progress in life. They want to be considered impressive, especially when it comes to the workplace. ESTPs are fun people, but they also have a natural drive to move forward.

Here Is The Top ‘Love Language’ For Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

They are driven to become successful, and will often do whatever it takes to get there. They enjoy being good at something, and want to be able to impressive their loved ones with their success. ESTPs are hardworking people, and are often very intelligent as well. ESTPs know how to have fun in life, but they also know how to take things seriously when they must. When it comes to advancing ESTPs want to be able to perform. They also do this because they want their loved ones to be truly proud of them.

They also want to be able to have things in life, which they realize means they have to work hard to get there. This sense of drive can be difficult for the ESTP female, especially if their career is surrounded by men. They are often very skilled at overcoming this though, and will likely ignore any of the sexism around them. They realize who they are and are comfortable with their strengths. ESTPs have incredible memories, which is tied to their fact based minds. Their memories can cause the ESTP to have a bit of trouble with their loved ones, especially when they want to be informative.

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The ESTP woman is logical, and enjoys diving into information. People might expect a more emotionally driven reaction, but the ESTP enjoys informing people and helping them understand things. They dislike seeing ignorance, and want to do what they can to remove it. This can sometimes make the ESTP look argumentative, when they simply believe that informing is a sign of caring. While the ESTP woman is driven by logic, she is also someone who is nurturing to others. It is an unusual combination which can cause them to be rather misunderstood. While the ESTP prefer to take the logical road, she also wants to ensure that her loved ones are cared for.

This causes the ESTP to compartmentalize certain parts of her life in order to completely be herself. When it comes to the people the ESTP truly loves, she will often do whatever she can to make them happy. This means things like buying gifts, cooking for them, or even things like giving massages.

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The ESTP woman has a nurturing side which sometimes takes over, especially since she wants to impress her loved ones. This personality has a great sense of humor and is virtually fearless when it comes to approaching people. Metaphorically speaking, they could charm the birds from the trees, and this gift is a wonderful tool to use in the dating field.

People who find it difficult to initiate a conversation with a stranger are naturally drawn to ESTP because this person does all the work in a seemingly flawless way. They tend to have a great sense of humor which can serve as an ice-breaker during moments of awkwardness or slow progression. They like to take things day by day to see what new and exciting opportunities may arise.

This can also mean that ESTP will keep his or her eyes open for an alternative companion if the current relationship does not meet their needs for excitement and action. As this personality is not particularly good at expressing emotions, they may not take the time to explain their feelings of unhappiness to a partner and instead may simply end the relationship if a better opportunity arises. Never one to waste a moment, ESTPs tend to end a relationship quickly if they feel that it is not satisfying or has become boring.

When part of a mutually satisfying relationship, ESTP can be very loving. They try to add an element of fun to any experience or job, even something as common as yard work. When an emergency situation arises this individual can be counted on to remain alert and calm.

The Keys to Having Long-Lasting ESTP Relationships

They will do whatever needs to be done in order to sort the issue. In fact, this persona is much like a big kid and will happily spend hours-on-end playing with their children. You love the idea of being with someone but the thought of making a long-term commitment is comparable to diving into icy waters — shocking and a little suffocating. You are perfectly happy to have a companion with whom you can laugh, spend enjoyable moments with, explore new terrain, and fulfil your enthusiasm for physical affection.

Your impulsiveness may or may not be under control. If you find that you spend money without thought or you impulsively buy extravagant gifts for friends and family members, then you may want to consider how this might negatively impact a partner. Even if you are only dating, displaying this kind of rash decision-making with finances could mark you as irresponsible in the eyes of a potential companion.

Even other free spirits need to some form of security, so try to keep your spending habits down to a smaller, more respectable level.

Understanding ESTPs in Relationships and How The ESTP Gets Along With Other Types | Truity

You might not feel threatened by conflict, but ESTPs tend to avoid it simply out of ignorance. They may not realize that a partner is trying to broach an important subject.

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Ignoring a problem may feel like a good solution but it will not solve the underlying issue. With a bit of training you can learn to pay attention to the signs indicating that your partner needs to talk. Genuinely listen to what they have to say and challenge your problem-solving skills to rise to the task. Boredom will eventually lead this person to sniff around for a more exciting companion and then end the relationship.